Our team

By partnering with us, you get access to a team of marketplace lending experts, analytical power and tailored reporting systems.

Our team

The core team and our investment advisers are supported by a trusted and capable network of external design, technology and marketing experts.

Core team

We take responsibility for our consulting, advisory and data services and coordinate contributions by specialists and external partners.

  • Klaus Kukovetz

    Dr. Klaus Kukovetz


    Through his 7 years of working for the financial services practice of McKinsey and Company, Klaus has gained first-hand experience with the credit processes and risk rating models of some of Europe’s largest universal banks.

    • Senior Project Manager with McKinsey & Company
    • Founder Shop plus plus
    • PhD, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • David Rhein

    David Rhein


    David coordinates the data gathering efforts and focuses on the analytical and reporting tasks to help us provide market leading investment insights.

    • Studies Global Business at Dublin City University and ESB Reutlingen
    • Business Development Internship at German start-up Regional Markt

Experts for Specialty Areas

Our different specialist area experts help us fine-tune our recommendations and help us spot emerging trends and industry developments.

  • Matthieu van Harperen

    Matthieu van Harperen

    Small business and asset backed financing expert

    As founder and CEO of ECrowd!, a project finance focused marketplace lending platform, Matthieu has a very profound understanding of the peer-to-peer finance industry.

    • Founder, eCrowd!
    • Founder, Solariza Energia
    • Consultant, McKinsey & Company
  • Marcel Beyer

    Marcel Beyer

    Consumer lending expert

    As former regional CEO for Lendico, the European consumer finance debt crowdfunding platform, Marcel brings to our team a focus on risk management in the consumer finance space.

    • CEO, Lendico Spain
    • Head BD, Syngenta Iberia
    • MBA, IESE
  • Victor Sunyer

    Victor Sunyer

    Corporate Finance expert

    Victor, based in Dubai, helps us in our assessment and selection of partner platforms and optimize our services towards institutional investors.

    • Director, Delta Partners Corporate Finance
    • Associate Director, UBS Investment Bank

Network of partner companies

We cooperate with a number of excellent companies to ensure that we offer state-of-the art services to our clients.

  • Analytical services

    Lending Services & Investments for a part of the analytical services we require for our own purposes, as well as some of our clients.

  • Investor services

    Lendery is a data service provider, which supports us and our clients in our data analysis and reporting processes.

  • Web design

    Digital Happy is a highly professional web design agency that supports us with design and technical implementation.