Our services

Based on our core competence of a deep understanding of the online lending market, we offer a variety of services to financial industry participants.

Consulting Services

For financial service industry participants, banks, venture capitialists and others, trying to shape their online lending strategy, we offer expert advice and consulting services for short, specific engagements.

Strategy definition

We can help support your strategy definition process through a combination of our management consulting experience and deep understanding of the emerging marketplace lending market.

Online lending project implementation

Given our unique understanding of all growth phases of marketplace lending platforms, we can support potential market entrants with specific advice and project management skills.

Our team has experience with working on consulting engagements with these and many more institutions:

  • Uni Credit Bank
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Zurich Insurance

Investment Advisory Services

For private and institutional investors who want to invest above € 100,000 in a diversified portfolio of lending assets but do not have the time, nor the experience to choose the right platforms and individual assets.

Platform selection

There are thousands of P2P platforms available worldwide and several hundreds in each major currency area. We know them all and will help choose the ones best suited to your needs.

Asset selection

Based on your risk appetite, investment horizon and overall investment portfolio composition, we will choose for you the right assets to purchase on the target platforms: tailored, hassle free investment for you.


We pass on to our clients any preferrential investment contacts we have negotiated with selective platforms and ensure that our clients benefit from the insights generated through our long-time marketplace investment history.

We work together with these and many more marketplace lending platforms:

  • Finanzarel
  • PlatformBlack
  • Zencap
  • ECrowd
  • Bondora

Data Services

Most players in the online lending industry will find some parts of our vast data services of interest.

Marketplace lending platform database

We are likely to have built the world‘s largest marketplace lending platform database with volume, performance and many other data points.

Asset data

Based on the publicly available information, as well as information gained through our own extensive lending activity, we are launching soon marketplace lending country indices, which will very transparently show the performance of this emerging asset class.

Additional to our own market research we cooperate with other companies to collect and analyse our data.

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